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In all the published histories of Montgomery County, Texas, the history of the place known as the Lake Creek Settlement had been omitted, neglected, or misinterpreted. By February 1838, Jesse Grimes was recording documents in "open court" in the town of Montgomery below the hill established by W. Shepperd in July of 1837 on the land he purchased from William C. The original town of Montgomery below the hill on the creek, that later became known as Town Creek, was the first county seat of Montgomery County. Some histories report Jacob Shannon's name as "Jacob Montgomery Shannon." The author has never actually seen his name written this way in a primary document. Showeth that the said Jacob for and in consideration of an agreement entered into heretofore the said Jacob is to let the said Rutha have the one half of his said League of land lying in said neighborhood, the said Rutha having paid the one half of the expense, said League which League being known by the name of Beadye on which the parties now settled so as to be divided as to the equal to both of the parties in soyal, water and timber, all of which League is held by the said Jacob by grant from the Government of which said Jacob has disposed to Mathew Hubert three hundred and fifty acres of English measure of which each of the parties is to deduct from the agreement from their said half, or to divide the residue after deducting the three hundred and fifty acres then to be divided as above, in witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and affix our seals. Thomas Chatham's land grant is located close to the center of the Lake Creek Settlement directly below the John Corner League on the map. As we will see below, three of these precincts will be located in the new County of Montgomery when it is created later in December of 1837. Both of these gentlemen appear in numerous documents associated with the Lake Creek Settlement. Stewart Charles Bellinger Stewart Papers, Texas State Library and Archives, Austin Texas. The William Landrum League is located next to the Benjamin Rigby League due west of the Owen Shannon League. 1837 Business Record - Charles Bellinger Stewart Papers, Texas State Library and Archives, Austin Texas. Texas State Library and Archives, Republic Claims, Name: Springer, A. Louis Missouri; John Sayles and Henry Sayles transcribed the descriptions of each of the counties provided by the Chief Justice of each of the counties. Coles, provided the following description of the county boundaries of Washington County, Texas.

The lands, where the Town of Montgomery was founded in July of 1837, had been known as Montgomery, Montgomery Settlement, Montgomery Prairie, or Montgomery Trading Post, prior to 1837, as the earlier histories had mistakenly reported over the years. Shepperd had founded his trading post or store here. Shepperd and his wife, Mary Steptoe Shepperd, lived here in a house with their minor children. On February 26, 1838, just three days before the first Montgomery County Commissioners' Court meeting on March 1, 1838, W. Shepperd purchased 212 acres of land from John Corner. In an 1870 affidavit in support of a military pension for John Marshall Wade, Thomas Chatham swore to the following statement: Owen Shannon was the husband of Margaret Montgomery Shannon. Margaret Montgomery Shannon was the aunt of Andrew Montgomery. This entry dated February 28, 1837 refers to medical advice and treatment provided by C. Pages 34 and 35 contain a number of joint business dealings between Charles B. It should be recalled that Charles Garrett was the son-in-law of Owen Shannon and Margaret [Montgomery] Shannon. Stewart as assignee of James Wilson, almost quadrupled his money in just two and a half weeks. U., Claim #: 953, Type: AU, Reel #: 99, Frames: 579-583. His description of the boundaries of Washington County is very careful to specifically include a reference to "Lake creek settlement." Washington.-Beginning at the mouth of Caney creek on the west bank of the Brazos river; thence following said creek to its source; thence west on the dividing ridge between the waters of New Year's creek and the principal or western fork of Mill creek until it strikes the eastern line of the county of Mina; and thence north on said eastern line of the county of Mina to the San Antonio road; from thence following said road eastward crossing the Brazos river to the west bank of Trinity river; thence fol- lowing down said west bank to the county of Liberty (which is undefined); from thence following said line of Liberty to the northeast corner of the county of Harrisburg; from thence following the north line of the county of Harrisburg to the northeast corner of the county of Austin, ; from said northeast corner of the county of Austin, following the north line of Austin, to the mouth of Ponn [Pond] creek on the east bank of the Brazos river; and thence up said east bank to the point opposite the mouth of Caney creek, and thence across the Brazos river to the place of beginning.

These documents give us a very good idea of where the Lake Creek Settlement was located and its approximate size.

Later, as we will see, the terms Lake Creek Settlement and Precinct of Lake Creek would be used to describe the territory comprising most of what is present-day Montgomery County, Texas.

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This article will also assist 4th and 7th grade school students writing histories of Montgomery, Texas and Montgomery County, Texas. The probate of Owen Shannon's Will began on June 9, 1834. Shepperd's daughter, Julia Shepperd, there on March 11, 1836. In this letter, Royal promised more supplies and advised of reinforcements: "... Barker, Busby, of Spring Creek, Austins Colony, Texas am held and firmly bound to W. Shepperd, his heirs and assigns, in the sum of Eighteen hundred Dollars, to the faithful payment of which sum, I bind myself, heirs and assigns, by these presents, this 4th day of November 1835 The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas: the above named W. Shepperd, has this day purchased of me, the Said Busby, all my right, title, claims and interest to my one half league, in Vehleins Colony, on the East San Jacinto. This discharge is interesting because Captain John M. As will be seen below, Brumet served in the Texas army as a substitute for William C. This notice ran at least one other time in the Telegraph and Texas Register on March 24, 1836, Vol. 21, published at San Felipe de Austin by Joseph Baker & Bordens. Clark and George Galbraith, would serve as Commissioners on the first Commissioners Court of Montgomery County held on March 1, 1838. Shepperd's store appears to have all the qualities that the mythical "Montgomery Trading Post" was supposed to have had. Logic would dictate that they should exist, but they don't. 1836 Advertisement for the Town of Houston The Allen brothers founded the Town of Houston, Texas. Should Mr Garrett pay me the cash for one half of each or all of these Dfts the goods advanced upon the said half shall be put to him at cost and cartage and Should he pay property upon paying my half in cash I am to have my half in the same manner. Charles Bellinger Stewart Papers, Texas State Library and Archives, Austin Texas. Benjamin Rigby was one of the original settlers who received his League from Stephen F. See the Benjamin Rigby League on the map above directly west of the John Corner League and directly north of the Zachariah Landrum League. Bowen See Washington County Clerk, Deed Book A, pp. This deed was executed on June 13, 1837 about three weeks before the town of Montgomery is founded in early July 1837. Harriett Busby, Wife of William Busby to William F. Documents SITUATED in the county of Washington, sixty miles northwest of the city of Houston, thirty five miles east of the town of Washington, and six miles west of the San Jacinto River, in the centre of a high, beautiful and undulating district of country, distinguished for health, good water, and soil.

According to the myth, the Montgomery Trading Post was located a half mile or a mile north or northeast of the present town of Montgomery on the Owen Shannon League near what is now known as Town Creek OR the Montgomery Trading Post was located a few miles west of the present town of Montgomery. Moody had been the Clerk of the County Court of Montgomery County, Alabama, for many years before coming to Texas. Austin's Register of Families and in 1836 Deed John M. 1837 Affidavit of Raleigh Rogers Texas State Library and Archives, Republic Claims, Name: Rogers, Raleigh, Claim #: 954, Type: AU, Reel #: 89, Frames: 542-547.

A number of early settlers received land grants within the boundaries of what became known as the Lake Creek Settlement.

The land grants highlighted on this map indicate the land owners and/or real estate mentioned by name in the Lake Creek Settlement documents listed below.

The Montgomery Trading Post Myth a fictitious narrative presented as historical but without any basis of fact.

Since 1925, a number of histories have been written regarding the history of the Town of Montgomery and Montgomery County, Texas.

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