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Charisma: Actually I totally campaigned for “Wonder Woman.” Joel Silver produced “Veronica Mars,” so when I was at Comic Con for playing Kendall Casablanca – possibly the best name in primetime television, by the way – that topic came up. I even talked to Joss about it and at the time his concept was more of a wonder and I think that [makes sense] in terms of building a franchise. PW: Yes, let’s get you on “Nurse Jackie” and in “The Avengers” movie!But I’m definitely capable of ass kicking and am really athletic, so hell yeah Joss! PW: You’ve done a lot of fun guest star work since “Angel” ended and have a habit of popping up on some of my favorite shows — “Veronica Mars,” “Charmed, ” “Greek” and … I don’t know how Tegan comes back, they just said save the date, they’re looking to have her back in the fourth episode. Now, what’s this I heard about you and “Modern Family”? PW: What can you tell me about your character Lacy? Charisma: You know what, even the movie is like that.Then I go online and find that Julie Bowen [who ended up playing Claire on the show] is my age! She’s like, I don’t want the diamond, I want a phone call and consistency. She wants the real thing, so like the 19th time he comes back there’s someone else there. Every night after filming he’d go to the emergency room to basically have a cut on his hand sewn up, or his ankle broken or strained – he just goes and goes and goes. She doesn’t look like she could have a 15-year-old either! PW: Well, it’s not like you won’t be starring alongside Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham in “The Expendables” later this year. That's when Callie got a frantic text message from Tricia. Callie had to put a plan into action, and it was a genius plan that unfolded perfectly the next morning, when Janna was bidding bon voyage to her daughter. So, while running away from Callie, Fiona ran directly off a cliff. ) Well, Callie gave it her best shot, she really did. Have identical twins ever NOT stolen each other's identities? Which Real Housewife should be in the next Lifetime Original Movie? Was Charisma Carpenter's makeup artist super mad at her during this shoot, or did he or she just sleep late every day? That's right, Callie caused an intentional car accident in which one of the twins wound up in a coma! Good thing Janna was wearing a conservative scarf, otherwise we would never have known! So yeah, "Aunt Callie" was now in a coma and "Janna" was alive and well and had started to suddenly behave like Callie and also she had forgotten everything about her own home? Fiona was allegedly in college, but there was a pretty good chance that it was less a college and more just a facility for the mentally incompetent, because WHAT? Her mom left her there and ran to grab some rappelling equipment from an old barn. Some plans just don't work out, no matter how genius they are. As for Janna and her daughter, well, it looked like things were going to turn out well for them after all. There you have it, a terrible Lifetime Original Movie. For seven years Charisma Carpenter was a crucial cog in the epic fight against vampires, demons and the forces of evil on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” Now she’s taking the ass-kicking skills absorbed during her time as Cordelia to chase away a new, potentially more dangerous foe: candy thieves.

The last two installments of this column recapped movies with, limited appeal , but we all know that Joss Whedon fans are legion.

Anyway, Janna had a college-aged daughter named Fiona, and she was dating a dude with a shaky American accent who liked to ride motorcycles and get wrist tattoos and use cool Dutch angles in his photography.

He was bummed because Fiona's mom didn't approve of him for whatever reason.

Pop Wrap: Had did you come to join the Butterfinger Defense League?

Charisma Carpenter: They were looking to form this League with people who have defended evil in some way in pop culture – so they approached me, and I I love Butterfinger, so I was totally in!

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He seemed to put all his dating issues and weight on them. Maybe check your priorities, standards, what you’re drawing into your life. Maybe he needs to drop some of his ‘I’m so awesome’ attitude and act like Black women know that Black people can speak other languages – including Russian. But he definitely needs to shift his dating burden off the women and onto himself.

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One insider says: “Taylor’s camp obviously wants the highest sales possible so they are still determining the best time to make it available for streaming.

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