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His books present the material for several doctoral theses. Skuf'in Geological Institute of Kola Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, 14 Fersman Street, Apatity, 184209, Russia E-mail: [email protected] Golubchikov Geographical faculty Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1 Leninskie Gory, GSP-1, Moscow, 119991, Russia E-mail: [email protected] Evdokimov Smolensk State University, 4 Prgevalsky Street, Smolensk, 214000, Russia E-mail: [email protected] A thorough drilling of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica for the international project established the absence of boulder material over the entire thickness of the ice, only pulverulent and fine particles (mainly volcanic ash) are recorded in ice. Chuvardinsky far outstripped western and Russian scientists in the field of Earth Sciences. Negrutsa was quite right when he wrote in his review of Chuvardinsky's work (journal Geomorfologiya, 2003, no. According to this theory, massive glacial covers with an ice thickness of 3,5-4,5 km were a burial shroud for flourishing plains of Europe, North America and North Asia.

After freezing of the geological sector, he started independent field studies in the key regions of the Baltic shield (within the boundaries of the Kola Peninsula and Karelia). There are more than 30 informative reviews of Chuvardinsky's monographs published by prominent geologists and geographers (mainly in the reviewed journals of geological-geomorphological profile). Out of the monographs, three books have the highest practical value; they describe the methodology of boulder search for ore deposits and the search results obtained by this method [1-3]. The systems of deep and regional neotecton-ic fractures and large "exaration" forms of relief (such as fiords, skerries and lake kettles in the crystal rocks) form united parageneses. In the process of gravitational sliding of rock blocks, spherical and egg-shaped polished surfaces of intrablock origin come out. An opinion was established that glaciers crushed bedrocks into blocks and boulders, including them into their bodies and translocating them thousands kilometers away. On platform plains, glacial tectonics is depicted as very powerful and dynamic: glaciers extrude enormous outliers from deep horizons of the platform mantle and translocate them many hundred kilometers away; they disrupt the sedimentary cover and tear it apart, down to its crystal base; they erect glacial-tectonic terminal moraine swells, 150-180 m high and many hundred kilometers long. In those three books, as well as other monographs, Chuvardinsky systematically grounds a non-glacial origin and the real mechanism of formation of many "glacial" forms of relief and boulder sediments. Origin of "exaration-glacial" types of relief It is generally considered that the most important and graphic signs of past glaciations are "exaration-glacial" types of relief: fiords, skerries, lake kettles, sheepbacks, curly rocks, polished crystal rocks and rock furrows/striae. Chu-vardinsky on the Baltic shield, an area with classical and diverse types of exaration relief, allowed him to conclude that this relief had a fracture-tectonic origin. Crystal foundation of the eastern part of the Baltic shield is divided by a dense network of neo-tectonic fissures, among which one can distinguish deep, regional and near-surface fractures: side-thrusts, up-thrusts, down-thrusts, over-thrusts and thrusts-apart (Fig. These types of "exaration" relief are a geomorphological expression of fracture neoformation and neotecton-ic dislocation along fractures under the conditions when the Precambrian crystal shield undergoes a horizontal tectonic compression. There is also a connection between smaller "exaration" types of relief (sheepbacks, curly rocks, rock polishing, systems of furrows and striae) with such structures as over-, up-, down- and side-thrusts. A space image of the north-eastern part of the Kola Peninsula: the Murmansk geoblock of Archean granitoids divided by a dense network of neotectonic fractures and fissures. The development of sheepbacks of this type is related to the neotectonic growth of the roof of intrusive rocks (grandiorites). Paleographical problems are also considered [1-14]. These formations are a "stronghold" of glacial theory; they provide a basis for the ideas of huge glaciations, covering plains of the northern hemisphere - with a thickness of the ice cover of 3,5-4,5 km. A wide use of aero- and space im- ages combined with scrupulous field research demonstrated a paragenetic connection of exa-ration relief with neotectonic fractures, with zones of modern tectonic activation. Massive occurrence of these forms of relief is observed at the ends of large shifts, and they are essentially dislocators and slickensides of the above-mentioned fracture structures - especially, near-surface over-thrusts and numerous spalling spots, whose dislocated elements were crushed into small-boulder material and then gravitationally displaced to the bases of the hill slopes. The intersecting fractures and fissures form numerous lakes, which are the deepest at the sites of fracture intersection. An island near the Cape Impiniemi, Ladoga skerries (photo by V. Chuvardinsky) The largest types of "exaration" relief: fiords, lake kettles and skerries - are located along the system of regional and deep fractures of the crystal foundation.

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Early warning signs of dating violence include: While it is clearly a significant issue, “[t]een dating violence can be prevented, especially when there is a focus on reducing risk factors as well as fostering protective factors, and when teens are empowered through family, friends, and others (including role models such as teachers, coaches, mentors, and youth group leaders) to lead healthy lives and establish healthy relationships. A., Lowry, R., O’Malley, E., Mc Manus, T., Chyen, D., Whittle, L., Taylor, E., Demissie, Z., Brener, N., Thornton, J., Moore, J., & Zaza, S. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Report – United States, 2013. Atlanta, GA: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[11]Mc Ghee, Stephanie.

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