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There are a few particular things that REALLY annoy single, attractive women.One of the reasons that these things annoy women is because they’re DEAL KILLERS.Because of that, was slowly trying to build my own structure and trying to find materials that are a best fit for that kind of learning.I first read comments from David De Angelo on Cliff's List and thought “Hey, here are things that I can do without spending a lot of time researching and practicing complicated stuff.” Soon after David put Double Your Dating together, I took a look at it and read through the whole thing and what I read was gold.David has alro recently updated his book to contain a lot more info and is even more helpful than before.I highly recommend it.~Formhandle (aka Jay Valens, Fast Seduction 101 Webmaster)Tokyo PUA reviews the 2nd Edition of Double Your Dating: The first version of this book was the first full e Book that I ever read on the subject of seduction, and it was literally one of the transformative events in my life.That simple act and then just following all the other advice in the book led to her spending the night and us literally knocking the paintings in my room off the wall at one point!This girl had such a huge chest that as we walked down the streets arm in arm a few days later, her blouse strap literally popped and we had to go buy a clothespin to keep her from walking around half topless…I could pretty much go on and on about this girl, but again it was the principles that I read in this book that made it all possible.

What I'd seen with a lot of the pickup and seduction knowledge out there is a large amount of useful material but trying to piece everything together into a concise format for myself has been daunting.

It has taken me a long time to see this particular pattern, but it’s EVERYWHERE. But the problem is that women DON’T WANT you to give up your status and “manliness”. and who enjoys creating and building sexual tension. and you can’t “convince” a woman to feel it with logic, gifts, and NICENESS. Now that I’ve shared these three mistakes, you need the next piece of the puzzle.

Men, in effect, say “Hi, I want your approval and attention. Women aren’t ATTRACTED to men who act weak and tentative. Women know if a guy speaks the SECRET LANGUAGE of “Sexual Communication”. Attraction is the result of a woman meeting a man who understands how attraction works… You need to get an education on how attraction works for women…

There are also a bunch of great bonuses that were not all originally available with the first book: Pretty much the best value you can imagine for less than 20 bucks.

I’ve spent more on bad colognes that I hoped would get me noticed by women, whereas this book is guaranteed to improve your success with women.

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They used pressure tactics to convince me to sign up and played on the holiday season.

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She has represented her country in Eurovision Song Contest 2005.

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Relationship psychologist Honey Langcaster-James says: “Look straight into the camera and smile showing your teeth – this says open, friendly, healthy and confidence.” A recent study of the most popular profiles on dating sites showed 88 per cent are making eye contact with the camera in their profile picture.