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Dhyana Meditation Mudra or Contemplation Mudra In Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, Dainichi Nyorai emboides the wisdom of the essence of the Dharma realm.------------Mida jō-in Meditation Mudra of Amida Nyorai Wisdom of Distinction One Whose Splendoris Immeasurable Buddha of the Afterlife Buddha of the Western Paradise West / Red In Japan, this mudra is associated with Shaka Nyorai, Dainichi Nyorai, and Senju Kannon.

Found mostly on seated images, but some standing images of the Senju Kannon are also shown with this hand gesture.

They are also used routinely by current-day Japanese monks in their spiritual exercises and worship.

Knowledge of these hand gestures can help greatly in identifying Buddha images (less so when trying to identify Bodhisattva / Bosatsu images).

Zenjō-in禅定印Jō-in定印Jōin is an abbreviation of Zenjō-in, meaning “Meditation Mudra” Hokkaijō-in法界定印Mudra of the Dharma Realm------------Hokkai means “Dharma Realm” (Skt = Dharmadhatu); thus Hokkaijō-in means “Meditation Mudra of the Dharma Realm”In Japan,this mudra is not used for images of Amida Nyorai------------Mida no jō-in Mida is an abbreviation of Amida and associated specifically with Amida Nyorai Converts desire, lust and passion into the wisdom of discriminating awareness.

The world-famous 15-meter Big Buddha Statue in Kamakura is Amida.

This mudra is often used in combination with the Varada Mudra (welcome mudra).

Each of the five is also associated with a compass direction, color, and other attributes.Amoghasiddhi means “inevitable success.” The episode relates to the historical Buddha who, while in deep meditation in human form, was protected for seven days from stormy rain and wind by Mucilinda, the seven-headed serpent king who spread his heads above the Buddha.Mucilinda is one of the Naga, a grouping of powerful serpent beings, including the dragon, who converted to Buddhism after listening to the teachings of Shaka Nyorai; in Japan, the Naga are members of the Hachi-bushu (Eight Legions, Protectors of Buddhism).Outside Japan, this mudra is known by various names: TEACHING MUDRA.The Sino-Japanese term Seppou-in is probably a translation of Vyakhyana. Some Japanese say the Seppou-in formed by joining the thumb and forefinger symbolizes the "Dharma-body" (hosshin Dainichi Nyorai corresponds to the Historical Buddha's first turning of the Wheel of the Law at Deer Park in Sarnath (India), where Shaka gave his first sermon.

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