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We were able to experience, and imagine, what divorce and a two-home family would be like. Everyone would be okay no matter what direction we ultimately took. I would have married my ex-boyfriend if I knew then what I know now. Well, my “the One” certainly wouldn’t have spent 4 years screwing hookers. And, in truth, I see him for who he is TODAY and I don’t want to lose that man. I think I am at a place where I do believe a marriage can survive. I do believe there is life, together, beyond D-day and that the two people can even grow stronger, more real, than before. That you accept a life of peace and contentment, but not happiness.

I saw that I didn’t have to stay for any fear, but I did see what life would be like if we really did divorce. I don’t want someone else to enjoy a life with this recovered/recovering, stable, matured version of him. But its like being between a rock and a hard place.

I added my short blonde wig to make myself more feminine, then some lipstick I had gotten off my mother- she didn't know of course. He smirked at Tom, with whom he shared a room on the floor below."What you doing, little girl? The one I did not know carried an 8mm camera and was pointing it at me. Jill's voice was very deep, though maybe it was put on."Well, you'll be pleased to know, we caught some of it on film! You shouldn't be darling," went on Jill in a sneering tone, "it's a nice big keyhole. Yet they were making straight for the porter's lodge. It would mean Tom and Ray being hauled before the principal, for a ticking off and a fine. What I says is this, that Mr Cox will have to be told.""Well, it's not our fault, sir," went on Ray in a fawning voice. He looked me up and down."This here is serious," he pronounced," What's a pretty girl like you doing getting mixed up with these louts? "Just so you won't get away," he laughed, and the two boys disappeared. It was hers."Evening Baxter," Sue smiled at the porter, who looked even more ancient than Old Johnson. "be a good girly."Jill came up to my bed on which I was lying. I sat up quickly."Hello little girl," Jill greeted me in her deep voice. You didn't use your diaper.""No," I answered, unsure where this was leading."That's good. "I looked at my near-double, wondering what I should say."Well, little girly, as you're growing up, we think you need to know a few facts. I liked the thought of sex with Jill, she was nice. When I went to use the little room, I was forbidden."It'll help you change your mind," Dr Sue said sternly."But I need to go! In my sissy outfit, plus the veil, knotted together with Sue, we went off to lectures, during which I found concentrating on the latest scientific discoveries hard to maintain in the face of my own urgent urinal problem. I normally love wetting myself, but in the lecture hall, surrounded by my fellow students, that was a different proposition.

Perfume, from the same source, immersed me in my fantasy character. Already, almost unconsciously, I was rubbing myself. The door crashes open, and in troop three fellow students. Belatedly I tucked my dress to hide my naughty little penis. "I would have appreciated his compliment at another time. In the darkness I made out a large woman, sitting on a bench. "I wouldn't try anything," he advised, "In her spare time, Sue is a wrestler."She had the build for it, for sure. I soon found Sue was far too dominant for poor little me. I had hoped I would not be allowed in, for surely the college had rules about male visitors also? I was untied and imvited to help myself to a drink. We don't want you to make the same mistake your mummy did, do we? "I'll teach you how to do it, little girl," she told me, "so we can make a baby together.""But you do need to agree," explained Dr Sue, "you see, little girl, your case is very unusual, being born the way you were. I liked the idea of having my sexuality heightened. But my common sense urged me not to take such a risk. ""Do what little babies do," was her unencouraging reply. The girls evidently didn't want to go so far as to use the film against me if they could avoid it. As the learned professor expounded the solutions available for patients who have difficulty passing water, ironically, my problem was, how not to pass water!

I stripped down, gave a shiver of excitement as I pulled out my favorite dress, a long olive green dress with frills round the neckline and wrists. He had written under his name Tom the following:'TOMmade this girly pregnant, tonight at 9.45.'"Yeah, that's great," smiled Jill, admiring his handiwork, mouth full of cum which dribbled over my dress. " I complained."You'll find out soon enough," Jill said. You'll soon be in a deep sleep."I awoke refreshed as the sun streamed in thru the windows. I had escaped that fate, but after dinner she came to Sue's room, dressed as herself, and proceeded to set up the projector. It pushed seeking entrance."It's taking you little girly, enjoy it making you pregnant," shouted a deep voice I knew was one adopted by Jill. "At least they thought it possible."Ray and Tom's room then? I wouldn't put it past them to make prints from it and sell them! At least that horror didn't seem to be part of the girls' plan."I know who, I'll put it in an envelope," Jill was whispering even more quietly now, "and ask the chaplain to mind it for me.

It wasn't that sexy, but it was the nice feel that made me love it, a mix of satin and chiffon, a material I'd never seen elsewhere. "Sorry," Jill apologized, leaning over to me and forcing the rest inside my mouth."That's just in case you weren't already pregnant."I swallowed it. "Only don't say a word, leave it to us, or you'll be sorry."We did pass one student on the lower staircase."Help! But it was a stifled cry, for Ray had twisted my arm behind my back and the pain was awful."Don't try that again," Ray warned, "or I'll be even rougher."We had reached the quadrangle. You'll get a good nice sleep here, thanks to me, Dr Sue."I did feel drowsy."That coffee Ieft for you while I was out, did you drink it all? With great relish they settled down to watch the short movie. The guy moaned as we watched him throbbing inside me."There, you'll be having a baby now, sissy girl! The final shot was of cum bubbling eagerly out my passage. He won't know what it is of course.""I wonder what he'd make of it if he watched it," Sue joked.

We were on the ground floor, and ahead of me was the reception foyer of this accommodation block. A hand grasped me firmly on the shoulder and my progress was halted. In some ways we were similar, same height, same build and my blonde wig matched her hair. My nappy temporarily removed I was taught "a thorough lesson," as Dr Sue promised, and I was aching with soreness when she refastened my nappy.

Its been two months and I’m back to trying to wrap my head around this marriage. The man he is today is a kind, loving, generous, sweet, intelligent, successful man. And he is the father of my children, and a good father. We don’t have to sell the house, our home remains intact. On the other hand, I see the marriages of my friends and family members and, while they are not perfect and while I know that I can never really know what goes on in other marriages, there is a sort of… You know that feeling like, if you could do it all over again, of course you’d marry him? That you just accept him for all he is, and he accepts you, and that is what love is? Romantasy has been the best place to get corsets in my experience. Then you were gonna play at being a baby weren't you? "No answer from little me."Well," Jill went on," which of us is gonna satisfy this little girl? Enjoy it, I told myself, as I took one sheet."Read it out," the three chorussed together."It's, it's Tom," my voice sounded like a groan. As his pals slapped him on the back, he was already stripping. It was so Tom could press his fat dick against my anus. He moaned."There, you'll be having a baby now, sissy girl! She was talking nonsense, I knew, but she had entered so well into my own fantasy that I found it impossible to grasp what the three were intending further. She lifted my dress- with a start I noticed for the first time it wasn't my own olive one. I was told they filmed the cum dripping out of your passage.""But that was only a game.""Not for you, my sweet one. A lot got spilt down my neck and the top of my dress, or should I say Jill's dress, was soaking."As I can't trust you," she decided, "you will not be allowed to talk today."A teat was forced into my mouth and tied so it was firmly in position. There was Jill- she did look like me, I had to admit.You can support Sissy Kiss by letting them know you found Romantasy through Sissy Kiss.~ Christie Luv More importantly, when were they gonna release me? Not in my college, as far as I know."I've told you," Jill repeated, "tell us what you imagining as you were rubbing."I shook my head."Or maybe, "Jill pursued," you'd like us to get this film developed and show it in the Students' Union bar? The idea of attending lectures, and being pointed out as the boy who masturbated in a dress, made me go all cold."Well, go on, tell us, girly! You saw me.""Yeah we saw you," grinned Tom, Jill came closer and looked me in the face. How about drawing lots for the pleasure."They agree and Jill snatched a sheet of essay paper, divided it in three and filled in their names in large letters on the pieces. I shut my eyes."Oh the little girly doesn't wanna watch," exclaimed Jill. I felt a hanky tied around my eyes."There," soothed Jill, "we'll spare your delicate eyes, little girly. Cum dripped enjoyably out of my passage on to the bed sheet. No, the camera had definitely been filming when my blindfold was removed. You were going to spend last night being a baby and I'll bet you were going to wet yourself, too. It's Jill's."It was even more frilly than my olive dress, but it was better than not wearing anything. My veil was dropped, so the gag could hardly be discerned. Slightly more graceful, and that mustache was an addition, but in my tweed suit, she had turned herself into me. Despite my teat, I attempted to reason with Jill, but she seemed satisfied with her new role. I half wanted to tell my deepest fantasy to Jill."I, I was being a little sissy girl," I began falteringly."Yeah, yeah we could see that.""And I was being made pregnant.""You were gonna swallow the cum? " laughed Ray."Perhaps we oughter finish her off," suggested Tom."Yeah, you wanna be pregnant, don't you, little girly? He pushed."It's taking you little girly, enjoy it making you pregnant," Jill's deep voice shouted in excited tones. I was learning more about how a woman feels than I had ever dreamed. The two skittled girls looked on as Sue dragged me past them."Sorry, Jill's a little distressed," Sue advised them, " a family bereavement, you know. "We caught you last night making a girl pregnant didn't we? She did explain Jill's absence- she had slept in my room. As I resisted she gave it up, instead forcing the teat of a baby bottle into me. That was quite nice."C'm on," she said, more kindly but very persuasively. I couldn't run off, dressed like this, and I couldn't overpower three of them. Submission, that was my only hope, and wait for my chance, whenever it might come."So we saved you from becoming pregnant, did we? I was putty in her hands and screaming, returned towards the room from which I had so recently escaped. " I moaned at her."I've told you," she insisted, "try to run away again, and I'll be much harder on you.""I'm not a child to be ordered about," I retorted defiantly."Oh but that is where you are completely wrong," came her stinging reply. I worked out, all on my ownsome, that if I was being her, she must be impersonating me."Now I'll fetch your breakfast," she told me. She had brought in my food, and proceeded to try and force a spoon of cornflakes into my mouth.

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She explains the flawed thought process: “If he puts up with her and stays with her, it proves that he’s the right man.” Don’t put up with the games—unless you like to lose.

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Nevertheless, the news has reopened the debate about sex robots and their relationship to consent.

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Because fancy dinners and costly ticket prices all add up, here's the ultimate guide to dating on a real-person budget ($), from stay-at-home options for the true homebodies to outdoorsy adventures that only require a little bit of spare cash and the right attitude.

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Kate Brown has sponsored several gay rights bills in her terms in the Oregon legislation, including Oregon's domestic partnership and civil rights ordinances.