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I have my 1st midwife appointment on the 27th Jan, so I will be asking her how they are going to monitor me incase I do have a weak cervix, it would be devastating to get that far and lose my baby ... I really want another child but don't want to rush it and risk having a miscarriage. and make sure you rest rest rest @mamakatie - big hugs to you...

I was also told after some treatment on my cervix that I have a chance now of having a weak cervix, which could mean miscarring late between 16wks and 24wks! I have been researching many other websites and have found them very depressing. I am trying to decide if I should start TTC right away or wait until September to begin trying. @babygirlhopeful - good luck for next month @daffoldil - huge congratulations on the birth of your baby girl @Sassy Stac85 - that's great news...

Most studies suggest that generally women are able to regain fertility after the removal of IUD after the same period of time, compared to other birth control methods . She's now 8 1/2 months so I had it in for a total of 7 months. I'm now 40, I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and have a baby step-grandson, so I'm in the dilemma of just being thankful for the family I have but I still feel something is missing... Why is it all so bloody hard & unfair & heartbreaking??? He felt so sorry and he said, he wants to pay back. Just still waiting for my first period as the termination messed up my cycle (Dr said i'ts normal). What about the other ladies, how are you all doing??? getting ready to have my little one next month via c-section will keep you all updated and i do come here to stalk to see if you guys have had anyluck with babydust!!!

Intrauterine device is known to have certain risk and side effects that could interfere with the ability to get pregnant after the device is removed from the uterus. =) As for me, My little bean stuck and i am currently 8 months along. I had no problems with it being placed, during , or removal. Well done Congratulations to babynumber5 and mamakatie ... What fantastic news, well done & congratulations Babycakes & Babynumber5 I shall be keeping fingers, toe & legs crossed for you. Bay dust to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hey girls, how you all doing?? I am having huge internet problems so finding it impossible to get on here, but that should be fixed on xmas eve when we finally change internet provider. Good luck, plenty of santas baby dust & sticky beans all round!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL REMEMBER THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON!!!!

There is a greater risk for pelvic infection when IUD is in the uterus. My update is that I am now 29 weeks with my #5 which they say is a girl. My update is my original baby girl that I was trying for when I first came on this board is one now and currently making it hard to type this since she is pressing every key she can on my keyboard. Good luck to everyone else trying, I wish you all the very very very best xxhi girls, im all good thank you im 8 weeks now and ive had 2 scans and all is ok, im due 17th sept congrats mamakatie im so pleased for you, and daf go for it and spatzi i hope you do fall again, just to complete that puzzle for you Thanks Daffodil for your nice words... Congrats also to babycakes, babynumber5, and mamakatie. I have contributed four miracles to the world and I feel like I'm taking somebody else chance to. Congrats to you all and keeping my fingers crossed that each of you will have a smooth & healthy pregnancies. I apologize for not being on here for a while, ive tried writing on my blackberry and it keeps crashing my phone. =) Now you both have your little blessings on the way!!! me and dh moved the last week of december and we didnt even think of ttc and lo and behold, it happened. Spatzi never give up hope **hugs to you to too** Well ladies after waiting for a while and numerous tests and doc appointments I can say that at the moment I am 5 weeks gone (ish)... i feel like after losing my baby at 4 1/2months a few years ago, and then this, maybe its just not meant to happen. I am not debating whether I should get the essure or the paragard iud again since my family is now complete even though I didn't have a boy.

If such condition occurs, the tubes may be injured decreasing the chance to become pregnant afterwards. The gender part was done very fast and a mistake may have been made. Anyway, hope everything will be ok..for your safe delivery! I go for another ultrasound tomorrow so we will have another chance to see if it is really a girl. Hi Daffodil & Mamakatie, I am still here..you Daffodil, checking this site every few days but nobody came in for almost 3 months more or less. If I were you, go ahead if you feel you want to try another one. I'm also not guaranteed to have a boy and I so afraid that something will be wrong with my baby after four perfect(to me) kids. I finally got a chance to come to my moms house after me and my dh moved out of our apartment a few weeks ago. haha I woke up this morning and was like i HAVE to test. I had a scare yesterday/today were I was getting aches in my stomach.. Daffodil, that is amazing news, Congratulations on your beautiful baby!! last month, i got a positive, and i was so excited. i scheduled an appointment with my doctor and a few days before my appt, i began bleeding and having pains.. i've been so depressed, im 28 and i feel like im broken. now i got hired as the gm of ulta and im waiting to start the new position so i have to wait 3 months for my benefits anyway.. sorry for the downer post, i know its been a while, and ive been checking on you all, but for some reason my posts haven't been submitting. good luck, and babydust to you all xoxo Hello ladies I just wanted to update you. I will still be checking the board from time to time, hoping for good news for those ladies that are waiting.

Some claim that pregnancy is possible after one month after the removal of this device from the uterus. I want to thank you Babynumber5 because you're one of the ladies who comforted me during those sad moments. Sorry to hear of sad news Great to hear some positive news too As for me... I didn't want to go back to the Mirena as it gave me migraines and I may TTC again next year. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx @ Thank you ladies for asking how am I doing!!! He saw how devastated I was after the termination and he said, he can't afford to see me sad everyday. trying is so hard when your actually working for it!!

Incase perforation of the uterus occurs a woman may have a lower chance of becoming pregnant. I am now 16 weeks with what I hope is a boy but we won't find out until almost September. ) She is already facing down and i have been having stretching of my downstairs lady parts I hope you all are doing well, i would love to keep in touch with you all, it seems like we've all fallen off of here. Well we will see how this goes and I will keep you guys updated. I am now 16weeks, baby due date is 5th August, I am seeing the consultant this friday, and have to have a scan on my cervix, as I may have a weak cervix - keeping my fingers crossed everything works out okay! My update: My little girly is not 6 1/2 months old. She has learned how to say hi, hey, da da, ba ba(which is mama but can't quite get that m sound), bye bye. I want to try again but I feel so totally selfish doing so. You, Babycakes & Babynumber5 all have their blessings on the way! I last had af on the 10th of december and i have been feeling horrible the last few weeks. " haha got a FRER just to triple check and there is it. im keeping my fingers x'd for all the wonderful women still waiting for their sticky beans, and just know, that even though it takes a while sometimes, (it took us almost a year! sorry to hear about your loss mamakatie **hugs** keep positive and the gift of a new life will greet you. I'm just taking it easy and patiently waiting for my pelvic bone to return to its rightful place.

we had a scan last week (at 9wks 2days) and saw the little heart beating too I am so happy, but also sooooo worried, its still early days so keeping everything crossed! I am completely devastated at the moment and my heart is breaking into millions of pcs. I want this baby but I don't want to ruin the relationship with him and my family. So girls...lesson learned, must plan this together..only one-sided! Hello Ladies, This is my first time logging on here.

He want me to remove it and discussed the disadvantages of having this one. I had it for 10 yrs (2x5yrs) and actually waiting 2 years now...finally, it happened..the decision is still hanging! completely down at the moment...giving you all baby dust!!!

I am already 38 going to 39 and running out of time. But I just cannot stop thinking about it myself, I am not obsessive, just around ovulation time, check my dates match and like to know this is the best time for us to try, then from that point to the day I come on I am just wondering 'am I? I cannot help it, I had an awful migraine last week, but I didn't take any painkillers, just incase! I will be so disappointed this time, as Like you I did everything right, (mainly at night too) But also because Darren is working for a month in china from thursday!

Hope At40, nice to hear from you again..us updated! But I am also trying to think positive, I do try to not to keep worrying. I'm sure you will get good news soon xx Well my husband and I have decided this is our last month of trying...

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