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I’d like to think I’m a good guy, and I just appreciate a girl who puts the phone away when we are having a romantic dinner.

After all, no amount of Likes will make up for a lost Love.

When I confronted my Thai girl about him, she claimed he was but an ex-boyfriend.

So shocked was she by the fact he even showed up at my front door, that she confessed to having another Facebook account.

The person I thought she was, the one that rarely used Facebook, never existed.

Instead I was left with a girl who was eternally hungry for Facebook Likes.

Then came the exes of her sisters who warned me about her family, but not revealing much more.For years I’d read about people’s terrible Thai dating stories, but never really thought they applied to me, since I never frequented clubs or go-go bars. First of all, let me just preempt my story by saying that it has nothing to do with Thailand, and everything to do with the girl.All the stories seemed to center around Thailand’s notorious go-go girls, which many foreigners fell for (and lost considerable money in the process). There are some warning signs which I wish I’d recognized when I first met her.Halloween was also rapidly approaching, so I invited her and her sister out.Yet I found it odd that she would check-in for the first time on Facebook in the two years I’d known her. An hour later, she went to the bathroom and left her cell phone on the table in front of me.

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Andy Murray is confident he will recover fully from the hip injury which has kept him out of competition since Wimbledon but says he will return only when he is ready and 100 per cent fit.

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It has its cost though and eventually devolves into a crippling neediness.

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