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[]But those who know her and love her know what a beautiful spirit she was inside and out. FREIMAN: Nobody hears anything, and these homes don`t have very thick walls. FREIMAN: This pit bull did not bark, and according to the family, when this pit bull sees a stranger, it barks so loud, it wakes up the neighborhood, and nobody heard a thing that evening. First of all, it sounds to me that somebody is familiar with the house. You know, in a mobile home where you can hear everything that goes on and where we would expect that this child would be able to cry out if somebody came in and tried to grab her and would expect that her family would hear her, I have to think that this dog not barking, it`s really something we want to tune into. So they can look at the special predators that the family doesn`t know, but I would really look closer to home and see someone who the dog was familiar with. (END VIDEO CLIP) COSBY: And let`s go to Noam Laden, WABC Radio news director. And she had a gorgeous smile, crystal blue eyes that will never be forgotten. Let`s go to Diana Schalow, the mother of Angela Russo. Not only that, there`s also their pit bull living in this home. COSBY: Marc Klaas, president and founder of KLaas Kids Foundation. The other thing, we don`t hear of any word of forced entry, Dr. And then, now we`re hearing of something on the stove? I mean, after all, there`s a song, a country song, that goes, how come my dog don`t bark when you come around? COSBY: Matt Zarrell, what do we know about her relationship with this guy? COSBY: Detective Doug Matteson, public information officer with the Maricopa County sheriff`s office -- Detective, do we know anything about the back story, how they got engaged, meeting? MATTESON: We believe two days at this time, but we`re still investigating, so more information is coming forth to the Maricopa County sheriff`s office. [] (COMMERCIAL BREAK) COSBY: And this is Rita Cosby, in for Nancy Grace. Someone knocks on the door, she thinks it`s kids who want to get into her apartment. On the other side, is this guy who says, I don`t want to rob you, I want to rape you. Troy Slaten, should this guy be charged with anything? TROY SLATEN, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: You know, Rita, he should absolutely be charged with a crime. COSBY: And Matt Zarrell, NANCY GRACE producer, when was the first sign that there was trouble, obviously? Well, the mystery of a Tennessee mother who vanishes while visiting friends in Tennessee. A husband beats an intruder to death with a metal tire iron for attacking his wife.

QUIET HERO has also become required reading in psychology and social work courses focused on trauma and recovery in several U. Her first book, Blond Ambition, was a New York Times bestseller.

COSBY: Ben Levitan, we understand that cell phones played a key role. So Rita, they had a whole list of her locations leading right to that apartment. DOUG MATTESON, MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF`S OFFICE: We believe that it`s on line at this time. That`s something that our detectives are still looking into, so I`m not able to respond at that at this time. It looks like that there is a problem with this man, like maybe he`s intoxicated or he`s not in his right mind because he`s just kind of staggering around. (END VIDEO CLIP) COSBY: And now that husband is charged with a number of offenses.

The text messages also indicated where she was going to meet the suspect, Rita. Our understanding is that they really had no real relationship before this, but they may have communicated for a few days leading up to this meeting, but that they had no prior relationship leading up to her disappearance. We got information from the family, also with another police agency, that led us to get the Maricopa County Sheriff`s office involved in this matter. COSBY: And how long were they communicating, Detective, on line? COSBY: And do we know exactly how long the period was? Is there any trace (ph) that they may have known each other before that? And it`s just this awful scene that goes on for about 20 minutes or so. Actually he committed this crime, but he`s just kind of acting like everything is kind of normal and he`s going back down the elevator and going about his merry way ... Let`s go to the defense attorneys, Troy Slaten and also Mindy Smith.

Her second book, QUIET HERO, is enjoying tremendous success, already hitting several bestseller lists which include: The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today.

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Harli Lotts (not her real name) knows her audience better than just about anyone I've ever met in online media.